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“Your artwork is amazing! Ru & I love it!”

— Edward Enninful, Editor-in-Chief British Vogue

Caroline Towning

Based in London UK has dediacted her life to studying and painting horses.

About Caroline

Caroline Towning is a London based multi-media artist with a lifelong obsession with the horse. She graduated in 2008 from The University of Hertfordshire with first-class honours in BA Digital Animation. She then went on to work in the film industry for eight years as a 3D and motion graphics artist.

Today she mainly works as an artist and designer. She launched her fashion brand, The Wild Horse Club, in 2021 and has a photography/ art studio in Hoxton, London. She is currently working on a painting series and some 3D printed horse sculptures, commissions, and her commercial photography work.

Caroline grew up near Harrogate in Yorkshire, surrounded by dogs and horses. Her mother had ridden and kept horses for her entire life, and Caroline had been taught to ride before she could even correctly talk. It was no surprise that her first drawings were of horses and dogs. As a young child, Caroline always had a pony, and as she grew into her teens, she became a keen amateur showjumper and became a familiar face on the Yorkshire circuit.

Most of her younger years were spent riding through the Harewood Estate with friends and looking after her horses kept at Wikefield Farm. As a young equestrian artist, she would spend hours studying the horse sitting in the stable, and during the summer, she would sit in the fields sketching the horses grazing. These early years gave her a good grounding in understanding how to draw horses. Spending so much of her early years with horses has given her a deep understanding of animals and created a lifelong fascination with them.

Caroline currently lives in London and works mainly on large-scale horse paintings on canvas. Her much-loved medium is oil, but she also does a series of watercolour sketches before starting any new artwork. Her mission is to capture the essence of the horse in each painting, bringing the horse's presence into the room with the viewer. The images are about exploring the relationship between humans and horses.

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