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Guest blog is written by Aicha Brinley from Ars Mundi

Top Art Design Strategies You'll Love

Every home needs a colourful touch in order to be complete. The art for home décor is the key to giving your home its personality, and to express your artistic self as well.  If you plan to décor your place, it’s better if you first chose your art that you’ll like to display in the room, and after that plan the furnishing around the artwork. 

Let me offer you some art design strategies that I’m sure you’re going to love!

1. Repetition of colour and line

Repeating the same art element creates interest, movement, harmony and unity. To increase the impact of your art in the room, you can select repeating colours and accessorise your room with pillows. This gives a visual colour echo on the sofa and strengthens the art.  

how to use art in your home

2. Balance of colour

With a balance strategy, the arrangement of colours, lines, textures, forms and space can be formal or symmetrical, with equal weight on both sides; or it can be informal or asymmetrical, with a different weight on each side to maintain balance. A circular balance moving out from a central object to maintain balance is called radial balance. 

The reason behind this strategy is that it gives your space a refined and elegant air, so the combination of a piece of art with matching furniture will make all your friends envious of your taste in home décor. 

Balance of colour

3. Furniture placement

Combining your art with furniture is very important because it can increase or decrease the impact of the room. The lining of the furniture should be in alignment with the picture. For example, the wavy bench from the image below completes the paintings and makes them even more prominent than they already are.

how to use furniture and art

4. Restraint

To emphasize a piece of art you can use the restraint strategy. This means that your furniture, carpet and wall should belong in the same monochromatic scheme. This is the perfect strategy to make your painting the star and the first thing that will get all the attention when your guests walk in that room. To make it more attractive, choose a paint or a quilt that is very detailed and invites the looker to inspect it.  

humour in art

5. Humor

The last design strategy presented in this article is Humor. What’s better than laughing and enjoying life? Why not bring this to your house? We all love to laugh and we have to admit that we buy a lot of art because the subject makes us laugh out loud. Funny faces, funny sculptures or funny prints are a great focal point. People will stop to observe them, they will put them in a great mood and you can begin an enjoyable conversation. Be bold, and do not be afraid to include some humor in your house.

humour in art

I hope this article has helped you, has given you some tips and tricks to decorate your house and will help you put your artwork in the spotlight! 

Written by Aicha Brinley from Ars Mundi

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