100 Secrets of The Art World | Thomas Girst | Magnus Resch | Book Review

2016 has been some year, and it's now finally drawing to a close.

It's Christmas day and I am in Yorkshire with my parents, husband and a house full of dogs. I am reflecting back on the year, it has been an intense one, with lots of ups and downs but it has been a good one and I feel very blessed and lucky to have the life which I have.

I asked my husband to buy me this book months ago and then I completely forgot about it. This morning I was surprised and excited to open it up with one of my presents. I then spent the next couple of hours on the sofa with the dogs and a glass of wine thumbing through the pages and scribbling down inspiration in one of my new moleskin notebooks.

It's fun, inspiring, and full of vast opinions from different people in the art world making it a perfectly fun read for Christmas day whilst getting me inspired for the next year ahead.


100 secrets of the art world

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